Volga Party at Gallery Park Hotel & SPA, Riga!

Just recently a group from the UK had visited Gallery Park Hotel & SPA and Riga for the first time. Entirely the whole hotel was booked for the group exclusively creating  a private mansion’s homely feeling. 

One day during their trip was devoted to driving the Soviet cars. 

For the first time Riga saw such a combination  – legendary soviet cars,  black-tie dinner and the Brits!

Imagine - entire private  hotel courtyard overflown with Volgas, Zhigulis and Muscovites, all in perfect technical condition - renovated and shiny.

So this British group collectively rode these amazing vehicles throughout Riga center – ladies in long evening dresses and getlemen in blach tie dinner jackets. 

Riga has never seen anything like this before!



/ 29.09.2017 /
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